Friday, October 9, 2009

the obama nobel peace prize

What passes for a political “dialogue” in this country has become so distorted by what one wag has described as the “over-the-top, tween-girl-at-a-Jonas-brothers-concert-hysteria” of the right, that I have found myself increasingly just checking out. But President Obama keeps reminding me of our better nature. I was as surprised as anyone by the announcement today that he had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. I thought it worth taking the time to compose an essay on the subject, and I probably will still do so. But this piece by Rachel Maddow does about as good a job of it as I could hope to:

When I dashed off this post I picked up the phrase, “the ‘over-the-top, tween-girl-at-a-Jonas-brothers-concert-hysteria’ of the right” because it had a nice ring to it. But I didn’t give it sufficient thought. As the father of two pre-tween daughters who have just discovered Beatlemania (we watched “Help” tonight), I realized upon reflection that “over-the-top, tween-girl-at-a-Jonas-brothers-concert-hysteria” is something spontaneous, fun and harmless. It’s a beautiful, innocent, joyful thing, like … a dog chasing a Frisbee. Or something. The hysteria of the right, by contrast, is calculating, cynical and hateful. It was a totally inappropriate metaphor. I apologize to tween girls.

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rewinn said...

I appreciate your correction ... for young concert goers are crazy, fun, harmless and normal.

In contrast, the GOP seems to have driven from its ranks all but the abnormally crazy.

My own comments on the NPP center on looking at this award from the point of view of those who gave it; we Americans are hampered by thinking that only stuff that affect us really matter: A Noble Start rewarded with Nobel Prize